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A View from the Bridge - September 2014

In the end the answer is still NO. That’s not in relation to Scotland voting to remain as a part of the UK but the ECB’s decision not to opt for full-blown QE. Instead, the ECB cut rates to a record low of 0.05%, launched the first round of its new €400bn of long term refinancing operation (LTRO) to boost bank lending and is pushing for “junk” rated asset backed securities (ABS) to be accepted as eligible collateral. The actual take up of the new LTRO facility was only €82.6bn, and with Eurozone growth in Q2 grinding to a halt at 0%, business confidence, particularly in Germany, falling on fears of the impact of Russian sanctions and consumer price inflation dropping to a 5 year low of 0.3%, sooner rather than later there could be a Yes vote for QE!

PegasusCapital - Wed 1st Oct

A View from the Bridge - August 2014

The EU leadership have to act quickly on 2 key issues in the coming month as Kiev warns it is on the brink of full-scale war with Moscow. Having banned imports of US and EU goods in an escalation of the “sanctions war”, Russia has been given a week by the EU to reverse course on Ukraine or face a new round of sanctions. The ECB President Mario Draghi has already warned that the Eurozone is at economic risk as Russia ramps up the trade war and with German investor confidence diving and European stock markets taking fright, the Euro has slid to an 11 month low and the key Eonia benchmark interbank rate has dropped to its lowest in the history of the Eurozone.

PegasusCapital - Mon 1st Sep

A View from the Bridge - February 2014

They think it’s all over……….With UK growth forecasts being revised upwards by the IMF, house building and house prices rising the most in a decade, exports at a record high in 2013, unemployment down to 7.1% and inflation falling below the BoE target of 2% you would have thought so!

PegasusCapital - Sat 1st Mar

A View from the Bridge - Aug 2018

The Bank of England has raised interest rates above 0.5% for the first time since March 2009, although this is still the first-time rates have been set at 0.75%, base rates were cut from 1% to 0.5% as part of the ongoing emergency response to the financial crisis. The 0.25% increase follows the removal in November of the emergency cut to 0.25% delivered in the aftermath of the Brexit vote.

PegasusCapital - Mon 6th Aug